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Gigablast speed? internet very slow

I month ago hurricane Ida hit New Orleans. Line going to my house went down. Since the internet was restored, it has not been the same. I have Gigablast plan. It is no way near to what it used to be. I've done the speed test. I get download speeds on average 32 Mbps (Gigablast is supposed to be up to 940 Mbps). For whatever reason closest network is in Baton Rouge (50 miles away.)  It is not even as fast as the cheapest internet plan from Cox. I've contacted Cox and chatted with them several times and the best advice they can give me is "I can try to reset your modem." I have reset my modem at least 100 times and has not helped. Does anyone have any suggestions? Cox customer service? help!

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  • If you want to post here too, what model modem and router do you have? Do you have a gigabit connection between them all? Sounds like the modem is locked on 1-2 downstream channels. If possible, can you post the signal levels?

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