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Abuse of Internet by "JustAnswer"- How to report to FCC

I am trying to report an internet service called "Just Answer" to the FCC. It is a "legal" outfit, which takes $ 5 for a question, then wants $ 60 to continue. I went with $ 5 but the answer was not useable, I declined the ongoing questions for $ 60. Then my credit card was charged with $ 60 by a company "ASKaPRO". When I disputed the charges and called the number connected, I got no help, I was told, I had signed for membership, which I didn't and they could refund my money. I found ASKaPro online and sent them an email. The Owner came back immediately and said, they have no dealings with 'JustAnswer" . This is internet fraud and when trying to file a complaint, FCC is asking for my Internet provider. Does anybody know how to go about it?  Thank you!  It is not the amount of $ 60 but the fact that, so many internet purchases can be "crooked" and I think it should be reported. I have been in touch with the REAL "ASKaPRO".  

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