MacOS Big Sur and Wifi Drops

Hi folks, Cox GigaBlast subscriber here...and I have an extensive home network, WFH, and I'm a certified Master IT Architect.  I'm having trouble with MacOS Big Sur and dropping wifi with my Panoramic Router.  I'm trying to log directly into my router via: and this never resolves.  I'm trying to see if my default network is 5k and WPA2.  I used to be able to log in to my router and directly check settings.  So my question is: a) do you know of any resolutions to this problem.  It's to the point where I almost can't use my MacBook Pro to do Zoom, Teams, Webex, et al, because in the middle of streaming, the wifi suddenly stops, and then results anywhere from 10-30 secs later. b) how can I login to my router to see the settings there.  I know what NOT to touch there.  But it seems the remote login has been disabled on my Panoramic router.

Thanks in advance for any advice.