Constant Outages

My modem experiences regular disconnects. I have been told of 3 official outages in the last 2 weeks in my neighborhood in Phoenix (plus other times where there's a connection issue that requires me to reset my 6 week old modem at least 3 days per week).

Is this a normal internet experience? I moved to this neighborhood about 6 weeks ago. My last house had Cox gigablast about 10 miles away from my current home never once had an outage in 3 years.

The outages occur during the day and evening and I'm at a loss for what to do as I work from home.

This is an outrageous number of outages and I'm getting increasingly fed up with the service.

  • Hi Jcil,

    Intermittent connection issues can be very frustrating, especially while trying to work from home and I apologize for the inconvenience.
    - Please check all of your connections to make sure they are all at least finger tight.
    - If there is a splitter on the line, by-pass it and test the connection directly from the wall coax outlet to the back of the modem. If you, maintain a good connection, you may want to replace the splitter.
    - If you are on a WiFi connection, try connecting the computer directly to the modem using an ethernet cable. Then restart the equipment by unplugging the power cord from the modem and shutting down the computer (note: not a restart, power off the computer). Wait 1-2 minutes then starting with the modem first, plug the power cord back into the modem, wait 1-2 minutes, and check to see if the online light is on. Turn the computer back on, wait until the computer is back up, then check to make sure you are connected to the internet.
    - If your modem and router are two separate devices, then by-pass the router, unplug it, and connect your computer directly to the modem using an ethernet cable. Repeat the restart process noted in the above steps.

    If you continue to experience service drops, please contact us through Facebook messaging, Twitter @coxhelp, email:, or by contacting us via Live Chat on our website: Scroll down to and click on Let's chat to initiate a chat session. You may also call us on our Toll-free number: 1-800-234-3993, Tech Suppport is available 24/7.

    Thank you,

    Mike J.
    Cox Support Forums Moderator
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