Help to secure wifi without changing password from my son

I have set up profiles and assigned my son's devices.  I have set up the sleep and that works great.  THe problem is, he has figured out how to connect with his laptop by changing the name of his computer and his MAC address.  DO i have to configure every allowed MAC address and change it to Allow instead of Allow all?  2nd, question, is there a way to keep him off if he plugs into the ethernet?  Because he did that in the middle of the night and used his PC as a hotspot.  Please do not respond with telling me to take his devices away.  Obviously, I know this is the best solution.  I am trying to find another solution.

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  • Can we assume you have the CGM4141 modem/router combo?

    I think to get the options you want you would have to upgrade to a router with 3rd party firmware. A MAC address whitelist only and OpenDNS would be a good place to start. Just be warned, depending on the age, there can be a escalation of arms. You take one step to block access and they answer back with a work around. Good luck!

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