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High latency, terrible speeds.

I just finished a support chat with a tier 2 tech who ended the chat while I was changing out my Ethernet cords. I've unplugged my router, reset it, changed cords, connected the Ethernet straight to the cable modem from my PC.

Getting really tired of this basic troubleshooting roundabout they put me through every time. Support chat seems hesitant to acknowledge the fact their infrastructure might be overloaded. The only option is to bring a tech out, however I don't feel comfortable doing this at the moment because of the current health crisis. Maybe in a few weeks.

Every evening between 6-10PM the internet out here in east county San Diego slows to a crawl, as everyone is attempting to connect at once. It's hard to troubleshoot this, since I end up looking stupid saying, "Well i'm getting 100 mbps now, but it gets really bad later in the day I swear!" 

They are quicker to find little reasons that it might be a fault with my setup, including "You have 8 devices connected, your plan only supports up to 7" even though all of these devices are sitting idle and not using any bandwidth during the issues I experience.

Don't really know what the answer here is. I know I'm just tired of changing cords and having my router reset. File an FCC complaint I guess. Hope for a better future for internet providers out here in SD. FCC Complaint form:

Related question: How do I cut to the BS and skip the basic troubleshooting steps I'm always run through with the tier 1 techs? I'm decently tech literate, I'm no old granny using an iphone for the first time.

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