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Cox stating network overloaded, Scottsdale/Phoenix Arizona

Wanting to check if anyone living in Scottsdale or Phoenix Arizona is having packet loss and line jitter issues like I am having. After about a week of playing around on the phone with tier 1 tech support and about 1,000 modem resets performed by them the issue is still here. I managed to get the executive escalations hotline number which finally got a tech out here. It just so happen the exact moment in time in which the tech arrived the modem power levels down stream where fine (which happens rarely) and the connection was clean. 10 minutes after he walked out the door it was back to extreme packet loss and line jitter with down stream bonded channels exceeding 8 DbmV on multiple channels, tons of correctable errors, and unreliable connection.

The tech that came to my house actually admitted the network was overloaded and over sold in my neighborhood which combined with everyone working from home now its just a fact of life to deal with. Two issues with that, the problem existed before all this and if the network is overloaded, why is not being upgraded? 

Has anyone ever been able to get Cox to resolve this issue for them completely or does it just take dropping them and going with another provider?

  • just report it to the FCC.  these guys at the top (managers/supervisors) are vultures.  they need a push from outside force to make them spit out the truth and compensate for our hard earn money.  we pay a hefty price for a service and when that service cannot be delivered then we, as customers, should be compensated.  Those who do not complain or seek out the problem with them are just getting their money eaten up by these vultures.  I am getting 10 Mbps most of the time when I pay for 150Mbps.  Can't even work from home or do anything else when it fluctuates like that.

    FCC link:

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