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Uploading issues

Hey there, we just moved to a new home, so we moved our Cox service with us for internet. I am experiencing some weard upload issues. Our internet speed checks out fine when we run a speed test. We also had a tech come out and all seems fine. But for the past few weeks since we moved when ever I que up a few small files to upload the upload seems to upload some of the files and then stalls out and just sits there. And this happens a lot. I used to be able to que up lots of files big and small, and the upload would be fine. Its really bad and since I work from home and have to upload a lot this is an issue for us.

Anyone experience this and is there a way to fix? Like I said it happens when I upload a bunch of files at once, and even if they are small picture files the upload goes for a bit and then completely slows down and stops.

Now sometimes when uploading 1 or 2 big video files the upload is fast and goes up well. Its the oddest thing thats been happening for about a month now.

Any advise would be appreciated.