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Low Bandwidth

On the 150Mb plan, and from time to time the bandwidth gets knocked down to single digit Mb download speed.

Hard rebooted Modem. Went to the process of resetting modem. Same problem exists.

Frustrating that this problem keeps coming back, especially in a monopolized neighborhood where there is no ISP in this neighborhood other than Cox, in the 2nd largest city in the states.

July 28th, 2019 w/3rd party speed test site:

November 8, 2019: Cox speed test:

Again.. paying for 150Mb bandwidth, all call lines are closed from their office. Very Very fustrating

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  • Hi Dan Wilson. To get assistance with this, please email us at and include this link along with your complete address and name on the account. You can also contact us via Facebook and Twitter as well as we are available 24/7 for your convenience. Thanks, Lisa - Cox Support Forums Moderator.
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