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Can't seem to self activate a Cox certified modem MB8600...

I recently received an email from cox telling me that my cable modem is old and outdated.

So, I purchased a  new modem from amazon (MB8600) that was on the certified list. I assumed it would self activate, but there seems to be a problem with the self registration process? I noticed that others got help through email with this problem, should I do that with modem info?

Thanks, T_Nic

  • call in it  would be faster

  • self registration process

    Self-registration should only apply if the modem also provides telephone service (eMTA).  This shouldn't apply to you.  If your modem is on the Certified list, it should have successfully activated with Cox.

    Calling could be faster, but it involves transfers and being put on Hold.  Email could be convenient, but it involves thoroughness and back-and-forths.  If you email, include your full name and address...and probably include a link to this post.

  • Self-registration should only apply if the modem also provides telephone service (eMTA).  This shouldn't apply to yo

    So normal modems use self activation while eMTAs use self registration? Besides the wording, is there any difference?

  • is there any difference?

    From my experience...yes.

    With all my previous Cox modems (1997-2015), I'd just plug it in and it'd auto-negotiate, auto-configure, auto-sync, etc  while I watched the blinking lights.  It'd just self-activate.

    I used the same process with my current TM3402A (DOCSIS/eMTA), but the install placard instructed me to go to to activate it.  That was a first.

    After I connected the TM3402A, its Internet-side automatically worked because I had to use the modem to activate it (weird).  The URL ( is a "self registration" process for self-installs.  That's where it all went downhill for me.

    Apparently, self-registration checks various things for VoIP...none of which the Solution Store did.  First, it checks if I registered for a self-install.  When the Solution Store issued my modem, they were supposed to register me.  (They didn't)  Second, it checks a 3rd party (Calibrus) to ensure I completed the mandatory third-party verification process.  It's a bunch of questions about billing, long-distance and other changes I had to agree with.  Again, the Solution Store was supposed to do this.  (They didn't)  Finally, it checks if your demarc is wired for packet-switching.  It wasn't.

    It's probably too late now but unless your previous occupants had Cox Voice (or the like) you cannot do a self-install to transition the service.  You'll need a tech to at least rewire your demarc...and then ask the questions and then have spare modems to troubleshoot.

    OP doesn't have an eMTA so the modem should only self-activate.

  • Yes, you may send us an email with your complete address, account name, the make/model of your modem, serial number and mac ID address. If you'd prefer you may send us a photo of the serial number and MAC ID address. -Carol