Internet connection outage exactly every 12 hours

All inbound/outbound internet traffic stops on our Cox Internet connection at exactly 8:24am and 8:24pm every day for approximately 2 minutes.  This is even with a hardwire connection directly to the DPQ3212.  We first started noticing intermittent drops (~2-5 min) starting about a month ago.  It's possible it may have happened/be happening more often, but the 12-hour/8:24 cycle is as predictable as a clock.  It might have gone unnoticed except that any type of streaming connection (e.g., Netflix, online games) get dropped during the 2 min outages.

The DPQ3212 Status Page does not show any out-of-spec power levels or signal-to-noise ratios before, during, or after the outages.

I've been a Cox customer since 1997 and using Cox Internet since 1999, but this is aggravating enough to look at Verizon FIOS again.