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iPad- Cannot send emails

for the past few weeks I have been unable to send any emails from my cox email on my iPad. I do not have this problem on my iPhone. I have rechecked all server and port setting per the Cox instructions, as well as my password on the smtp server settings. I have deleted and recreated the account, all the steps purported by cox tech support to “solve” the problem. None of it works. I have other email accounts and only my cox email has this problem. 

  • There are several active threads on this forum regarding the many different problems that users are having with Cox email. Especially since the server changes that Cox implemented on 24 April 2019.

    I'm sure that everyone is hoping that the Cox IT people will consider all the information in the postings and do some successful troubleshooting on their end. I understand why they follow the script and ask users to check setup parameters, delete and reinstall accounts and change pass words. However, since so many people have reported that those steps did not solve the problem they need to take the issue more seriously and fix the issues on their end.

    I just noticed that all my inbox emails older than 3/24/2019 are missing. Have you noticed any similar problems?

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