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On and off all *** day...

Why am I paying for internet when it never works?? In fact, I have had to reconnect to my WIFI twice since starting this sentence. It's bullsh*t... I'm using a cox modem/router, did they give me a piece of **? I use my internet for my job, and when it doesn't work, neither do I. Not cool... WTF is going on??? I feeel like I should only be paying half my bill, since that's about the percentage my internet actually works!!

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  • If you're using the Cox Panoramic modem, that's the problem. They're junk. I had one that couldn't keep connected with a Wi-Fi connection. Cox Support tried to tell me my laptop and phone's settings were wrong and I should turn off auto-connecting to my own Wi-Fi network...which was BS. After a few more calls, support finally admitted that modem is nothing but problems. I turned it back in and bought Netgear and have never had a dropped Wi-Fi since.