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Cox Email Ads

I am sure others have asked this.  However, perhaps the management of Cox Communications should answer the question.  Since I PAY over $90.00 per month for internet services, including email, from Cox, why should I bear the cost of annoying ads popping up??  When logging in, I even have to wait for the ads to appear first.  It seems we PAY to be annoyed. 

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  • Hi Fred,

    We do currently have ads that appear on our website and our webmail site. We appreciate your feedback on this matter.

    Any other ads you receive as pop ups may be from the site you are visiting or the result of adware or malware that may have infected your computer. Running a virus/malware scanner such as the cox security suite may help eliminate this type of software if it is installed on your computer.

    Greg P
    Cox Forums Moderator