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Have an Epson XP446 and everything is or was running smooth, then all of a sudden could not use the scanner and then or now can't even use the printer...not being to tech savvy I tried all things I could think of, reloading the wifi and then bought another printer yesterday and all was going good it is HP DJ2600, see that the loading instructions complete but still will not recognize?

  • First thing I would do is see if the printer is getting a IP from the router. Then try to ping that IP from Windows key + R > CMD > Ping 192.168.x.x where x is the real IP. If you can ping it, try to enter the IP into a web browser. If that works you know it's not a network problem.

  • Did you re-map the new HP?  Delete the Epson from your client(s) and Add-a-Printer to the HP.