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Data usage discrepancy

Recently, I have discovered that my data usage has been excessive.  Consistently, I have been using about 10-15 GB per day and about 300 GB per month.  Now, as of mid-February, I am using 50-100+ GB per day and I am currently at 1.3 TB used.   

I've worked in a data center and the IT industry for many years and performed the following:

-Reset my WIFI password to another cryptic and long password

-Enabled traffic monitor on my router.  To elaborate, my router indicated I've used about 5.7 GB of data and Cox says I used 50 GB.

-Verified all attached devices  to my router and mines and firmware upgraded.

-Executed nmap from external to my home IP and verified I don't have any dangling open ports.

-Reset my router MAC and reset my modem to pick up a new IP.

-Exchanged my Cox modem for a new modem.


Any ideas?  My apps and devices are all monitored and everything is normal.   6 GB  daily usage vs 50 GB and 300 GB monthly trend to 1.3+ TB?

  • Hello DanCoxRes,

    Internet usage is doubling every two years, largely driven by a rise in streaming TV and movies. Cox offers a Data Usage Meter to help customers monitor their daily, monthly, and historical data usage. The meter is updated daily with usage from the prior day. It is available in My Account and the Cox Connect mobile app. To learn tips and tools to help manage data usage, direct customers to visit or to download the Cox Connect app. If you still believe that the data that you are seeing is inaccurate, please email us at with your address, a link to this thread, and the router logs showing your data traffic.

    Tiffany R.
    Cox Support Forum Moderator
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