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High data usage

In early December I ditched DirecTV and decided to stream live TV (PlayStation Vue through Roku) using Cox's Preferred 100 data plan, mainly in order to reduce the $160/month I was paying for DirecTV.  All was well the first month of streaming, but about halfway through the second month I was notified I had used  more than 1TB of data.

This baffled me because our usage was hardly any different the first half of January than it was all of December.  We stream live TV on two TVs (no movies, no gaming) and also have an iPad and two iPhones that we occasionally use for email and internet.  These are the only devices we have that would consume any data (that I'm aware of).  Our usage went from about 30-40 gb per day to more than 100.  I changed the wireless password and usage dropped back into the 30s, but this month it is regularly at 70 or more per day.  And yesterday, when I was away from home and one TV was in use for no more than three hours, my data usage was 91gb.

Am I missing something?  Is something constantly running even though the TVs are turned off that is burning so much data?

Appreciate any feedback.

  • I am having the same issue, I upgraded service to giga blast and decided to ditch dish network and go with cox cable.  The service was nice for about the two weeks I had it, then I got my first email ever saying I’m about to go over the data limit.  I was stunned, I didn’t even know there was a limit, I’ve had cox internet for about 15 years this was the first time ever hearing about a limit.  Well since the only thing that had changed as far as my usage or service was concerned was me upgrading to giga blast, it had to go. I was for sure that would be the end of my issue but the data usage kept increasing along with the overage charges, and this is after the downgrade and going back to all my previous equipment that I was just using 2 weeks prior with no problems. I was about to drop the cable because I had also started that service the same time these overages started, but I found this thread and see that it looks like it is a problem on cox’s side

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