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Primary Cox email address inaccessible through Outlook starting 1/10/18

Starting yesterday in the early evening Outlook began repeatedly prompting me for the password for my primary email address. I tried various fixes on the Windows side: Clearing credentials, repairing Office, rebooting, etc. I also verified I can log into the email address via Webmail.

I tried to do a repair on the account in Outlook and Outlook is throwing the following error:

We are having trouble connecting to your account. Verify the settings below and make changes if necessary.

The settings it refers to is simply the email name. I have another email account on the same installation of Outlook and they're both identical as far as email servers and ports. Not that that should matter as the email only started acting up yesterday.

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  • As I said, I'm starting to think the account itself is having problems as it hasn't received an email in over 12 hours now

    Can you send yourself a test email from the other account to the problem account? Speaking of sending email, can you send with the problem account even if you haven't been receiving?

    PS. Any signs of account compromise or did you recently get a email from Cox talking about such? I have seen talk about a Cox hack starting a couple weeks ago.