On Demand has rearranged for the worst.

The movie heading of on demand has completely changed for the worse, it's all listings to buy or rent movies and I have to search for several minutes to find the on demand channels that were on the top as the networks. I called their technical support and got a very cold man who spoke completely from a format and talked at me. Terrible customer service. He tried to say I was the only person with this issue and everyone loves the new format of scrolling and scrolling till you find the movie channels you paid for and they have the top 7 rows dedicated to purchasing movies. Why would I purchase movies when I got all the premium channels? Terrible Customer service from Cox and they don't care at all about their paying customers.

  • Hi LVDeeDee. I am so sorry that you don't like the new On Demand format. I was able to find where you can browse the list of networks. Once you go to On Demand, if you press the down arrow 10 times, there is a browse option that has about 5 categories and one of them is Networks. Once you select this option, you will be able to watch shows from here. Thanks, Lisa - Cox Support Forums Moderator