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Buying Used Cable Modem

I am considering buying a cox supported modem, used.  The seller has told me "all devices are considered 'technically destroyed' when they are not on an active account and service provider should reinstate them accordingly"

If Cox Representative visits this site .. can you confirm that I can purchase this modem and get it to work on my Cox account?  Or has anyone else on this forum purchased a used modem?

Thanks in advance

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  • TG1682G

    Hah! My spider sense was correct. Yea, AFAIK Cox won't add that modem to your account. You can call them and try, maybe you will get VERY lucky and get someone who doesn't know better, but the basic rule is they won't provision them.

    Do you have phone service? If so, have you considered asking Cox to upgrade your modem for free? If you don't, I would suggest buying a standard cable modem or wireless gateway, even a used one. The SB6183 is a great buy unless you need integrated wifi.

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