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Current excessive junk mail in my Cox Email Account.

Every day I get excessive amounts of junk mail to my Cox Email Account which I move to Junk Mail. I'm not sure I'm getting a "stop" on all the email messages that hits my junk mail account. Most of my e-mail goes to my Outlook email account.

What would be the best way to stop  this junk mail? Make my primary email Outlook mail and delete my cox email  account?


Tony Olson

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  • while on phone with tier 2 tech last night about something he couldn't fix, he excitedly told me that there is a new spam filter afoot...they'd just had the meeting about it...and they are hopeful it will work better. one can only what they have now is NOT working!

    oh, and then there's the stuff they put in there that isn' both my senators, my husband, and in the beginning....ALL the amazon communications on christmas purchases!  meantime, all the phishing schemes come directly to my inbox. 

    i already see a difference in that mail IN my spam box, when marked as "not spam" now automatically appears in my inbox.  previously, they just disappeared, but would download to my client.

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