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Modem restarting several times per day

I have an Arris sb6190 modem. Since moving (June) I have noticed the last couple of months that my connection drops and times out a lot. I have had this modem since 2015 and the router was new since black friday last year. No issues at my last two residences. In my new home probably a month in I started getting loss of connection streaming. I have a best doorbell that emails me when I lose connections. This is now happening overnight often and at least once to twice per day while I'm at work. Yesterday I finally caught it happening while streaming prime tv shows and the modem is rebooting. Then we saw it again this morning. I have found the sb6190 has a chipset issue. So I'm leaning toward maybe that is finally happening. But I wanted to see if anyone thought it could be my connection to the house before buying a new modem. Here is a log from  Today. 

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