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Is it possible that the reason so many of us are receiving so many spam emails is due to the fact that an employee at Cox sold thousands of email addresses to several spamers, there can be no other valid reason. And why hasn't Cox done anything  to fix it.

  • i don't know that i'd go so far as to accuse an employee of doing that, but i strongly believe that must have been a "breach" (aka hack) some months back. i have just had too many coinkydinks that could only be explained by someone knowing personal stuff. phishing emails for financial institutions the day after i was online in the same one.  i've changed a couple of passwords.  that's about all i can do.  when it first started, i was getting a barrage of emails from accounts that looked like the spamer was working off a list of employees at a business.  very strange.  i changed my cox password & they stopped.  i had literally a hundred! something weird happened thru my ebay account (which i closed) that resulted in a nice credit to my paypal account that i used on there. really odd stuff that was both pertinent and timely. i have both security software and malwarebytes on my computer & they run everyday. so it's not stemming from there.

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