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new post about spam

3rd party notification is not working again and it looks like no moderators have been on here in days, so i can't find any of my old post threads.  happy holiday weekend.

spam did not take the week off, however & wanted to bring everyone up to date with my "ticket" to fix the spam in the inbox/legit stuff in the spam box issue.

my ticket was closed today, message saying everything was working properly. this read to me (since i missed the tier 2 tech call at the crack of dawn) by a tier one tech who a) would not put me through to tier 2 and b) insisted cox has not used a third party for email and "can't do much more.."

well,  a couple of days ago a reply from my sister to an email i sent was in my spam folder.  and "marine toys for tots," "best friends animal society," and several others i've told the filter for months are NOT spam go there too. but they cited 2 i complained about that have now my inbox.  FIXED!

on the other hand, yesterday i pulled 6 obvious spam ads out of my inbox & marked them as spam. i have blocked sites...until i figured out that there obviously is a random generator for email addresses attached to & that will be a forever thing.  so i've tried to set up filters for "from", but i have no expectation they will work.

so cox is obviously saying ...sorry people.  we can't make it work.

but i knew that.

yes, wider...., i know...change a 30 year old email address to a hundred different people & go to gmail.  at my age i could die before i got thru that! it's a shame we can't get what we pay for from cox.