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Copy/Paste into a new compose email does not work

I can't copy and paste into a new email. If I choose the "Plain text" option I can paste, but as soon as I change back to HTML the text disappears. This has been going on now for 3 days. I have notified Tier 2 Cox support who confirmed with a test in various browsers that pasting is not working. This seems like an important feature. Anyone else having this problem?

  • I have been playing around with this "bug" for a bit now, and I found something weird. First, copy/paste works fine with all other fields except the main body of the email;To,Subject,etc. Second, If you paste in one of those other fields and then copy from THAT field and paste in the main body, it works. Also, if you copy anything already written in the main body, including HTML and copy that, it will paste in each new email you make.

    So it seems to be some disconnect between the site buffer and browser buffer when it comes to the copy/paste action. Maybe this will help someone else create a more elegant work around. Anyone good with GreaseMonkey?

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