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Spam Infestation

I have noticed an increase is spam email coming into my primary Cox account within the past few months and have forwarded many of them to Cox's spam report, but it keeps coming in under a variety of subject lines including, Crepe Erase, Liberty Mutual Insurance, EHarmony, ABC Shark Tank, Lark Wellness, Ringing Ears, Home Warranty Special, to name a few.  The domains are obviously bogus so I'm curious as to why Cox's spam filters aren't picking them up prior to delivery and I'm wondering if others have seen a similar trend?  I have received 72 of them since May 21st!!

  • Reading what you wrote, was like reading something I wrote myself. I’ve been having the exact same problems. Cox is no help, they treat you like a bother when you contact them about anything but especially this. They told me “Be careful where you go” as if it’s my fault I’m getting spammed to death. I’m very computer savvy so it’s insulting to say the least. Also, I love it (Sarcasm) when I attempt to block and I get a pop up that reads “Already on your block list.” Ok, then why is this getting through? For me, it’s time to nix Cox & go with AT&T.

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