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Issues and concerns not addressed. Empathy or concessions was not provided nor was any ownership taken. The worst experience i have is always with cox and chat support. Horrible. 

I had moved service 4 months ago. Since then i have contacted cox on numerous occasions about the lies and broken promises via chat and service issues. No one in the chat department cares or even attempts to help besides "i can troubleshoot" 

The tech who installed my service lied about everything possible. I requested my home to be rewired, told with panoramic its not.needed and its the best offered..lies...lies..I have the ultimate package. Which recommended amount of devices 7-9. With this "upgrade" the tech provided 6 of the 7-9 slots are taken by cox devices. That is more than 50%! If the tect was honest and wanted to have a satisfied customer, he would have not suggested this knowing how many devices i have

I work from home and every moment i spend rebooting, troubleshooting and contacting cox cost me money and it is now affecting my livelihood and my children.