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12 months ago

Youtube/Amazon Prime freezing and closing out.

While watching some of the third party apps (youtube, Amazon Prime) on Cox, the channel randomly freezes and closes out.  Or i get an error message saying check incoming connections.  Sometimes it just defaults back to the channel.  Other times it ends up rebooting.  Its a pain having to stop and reset everything.

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  • I constantly have problems with 3rd party apps on Cox. Have to watch on my iPad, then they work fine.

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    Do you have more then one box? If so, have you tried swapping them? Does the problem follow the box?

  • Hi Tamone,

    That sounds incredibly frustrating and I am so very sorry to learn of your troubles. Please send us an email to with your full
    name and address. I would like to start by checking your equipment diagnostics.
    we look forward to working with you.

    Cox Support Forums Moderator