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I have tried everything to resolve this matter from getting a new box to unplugging everything and replug, and everything back in to make sure the connections were good and nothing takes away this code. Cox tells me that I need to have a technician come out which will cost me $75 which I refuse to pay, after reading this for him and seeing I'm not the only person that is getting this error message. I know that this cannot be something to do with my equipment or the way that it is installed so I'm really not too sure what having a technician coming to my home to try to fix it will accomplish  the error code clearly clearly states that this is a problem on our end yet when I called to talk to technical support they act as if they have no idea what that code means after 10 different resets. Still nothing is working I tried to flip to different channels, and I continue to get this code on channels, such as the ID channel MTV  all of the channels that I pay for in my package this is unacceptable customer support when you tell someone that they have to pay to fix their problem. Has anyone had any luck getting this resolved? I am at my wits end. 

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  • Hi Hidenseek73, I understand the frustration I feel when my equipment doesn't work in the way I expect, and I apologize you've been dealing with this Contour error. Allow me a moment to explain the service call fee in further detail. When a service call is scheduled, we are required to let you know about the possibility of a fee. We should have also told you that if the issue you are experiencing is due to Cox equipment or a Cox signal issue, you will not be charged. Issues with the signal to your home and issues with Cox equipment are our responsibility to resolve, so there is no service fee. The error you're experiencing can indicate a signal issue to the box, and most likely cannot be resolved remotely. If you haven't already scheduled a service call so we can address this for you, please email my team at so we can further assist you. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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    1. There is NO charge for a technician, if the cause of the issue is the service coming to your home, or it's the box itself. 

    2. In the event it IS something inside the home, IE, wiring, connectors, splitters, etc, having Cox Complete Care, I believe 10$ a month, will cover all charges.