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7 years ago

Will Cox soon offer Al La Carte for cable, I'm tired of paying extreme high prices for 95% of the channels I do not watch

I have the expanded Basic and we only use about 12 channels, so the rest are a waste and it's way too expensive. I have been looking elsewhere, but if Cox would get the Al La Carte, I would stick with them. But if it will never be an option, then after almost 20 years, I will cancel my cable. 

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  • Hi Gmat, cable a-la-carte, where cable subscribers are able pick the channels they want and the ones they don't want, is a concept that has been around for quite a while. There are several hurdles that impede the cable television industry from moving to an a-la-carte environment; namely, the structured fees that cable TV providers have to pay the major media corporations for channels, and requirements set by the FCC. The major media conglomerates like the Walt Disney Company, CBS, NBC, and Time Warner would have to relax contract requirements that force certain channels to be bundled together. Also, since cable companies are required by law to carry local broadcast and other TV stations, the FCC would need to change long-standing laws and regulations before a-la-carte cable pricing would allow subscribers to pick and choose channels. I'm not saying a-la-carte cable pricing can't happen, because I hope we get there one day. There are, however, many more factors involved—and companies with much more to lose—than any individual cable company. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator