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6 years ago

Will cox ever support 4k uhd with hdr content for tv service and or movies

I was just wondering if ever or when cox will start supporting 4k uhd content with or without hdr?

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    Which networks are broadcasting UHD content?

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      I know dish and directv have 4k content now. Dish has a 4k uhd all home dvr (the hopper 3) and directv 4k client boxes (4k geni mini). So there's got to be 4k tv channels but I just don't know which ones.

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        Hi Newraze,

        Cox is committed to providing the best quality content to our customers and we have the infrastructure in place to deliver 4K content. To date, there are no broadcast or cable networks producing 4K content. Cox will continue to explore areas where new technology provides deeper value to our customers. As these values continue to develop, Cox will continue to evaluate 4K content availability.

        Maria L.
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     How about now? 6 years later. Is there a coax DVR cable box that supports 4k output on all the channels that are available and broadcast in 4k? Not through an app. Sports and premium channels come to mind as examples. Real question, thank you.