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Why does a recording on the hard drive of the DVR box require perfect outside cable connectivity to play a recording?

I'm having issues with connectivity outside of my house. Why does slow performance outside of my home cause issues with watching a DVR recording thats stored on the local hard drive of my DVR? I'm literally watching a recording that's stored 3 feet away from my TV. Why wouldn't this work? What does the DVR require outside of the home to play something from the local hard drive? I know this is a fact as the last time we had an outage the DVR was unable to play any recordings.

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    The remote commands are run through servers on our end and not necessarily the box itself like previous platforms. So if the box is experiencing connection/signal issues, you would not be able to do any of your normal commands at that time.

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      So when I press play on a recorded show the remote control sends the signal to the DVR which then sends it through the coax connection, out my home, over miles of connections to servers in a data center somewhere in the world, then the servers interpret the "play recording" message and send the signal back to the DVR telling it to play the recording?