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Why did the upgrade to Digital in Wickenburg AZ, provide us with WORSE reception, than before, internet issues as well. Is it that stupid little box we have to have connected and lose the functionality of our Smart TV?

Watching Football - we get digital blocks across the screen,sometimes, like exactly during the touch down,.

When watching NETFLIX, get slow connection issues which cause stoppages and sometimes unable to stream the video.

This is not an upgrade, its a down grade.

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    Forgot - some of the channels only work sometimes, why are they even there?

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      Hi Jeff, are there any splitters on the coax connection to your modem? Your modem is reporting minor packet loss. It's likely this is what is impacting your internet connection, and it may also indicate a larger signal issue to your home. If there is a splitter on your connection, you may want to try replacing the splitter to see if your services improve. If there is no splitter or replacing the splitter doesn't improve connectivity and TV reception, I suggest a service call so an on-site technician can further investigate. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator