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Why can’t we stream cable to our smart TVs?? It’s obviously because COX wants us to pay for overpriced boxes- do something about it!!!! And when is our refund coming to compensate. For the complete lack of sports programming during the pandemic???

This is a terrible business practice- what is COX going to do about it???? All your customers want to know!!!

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    Cox continues to pay for the content, therefore, it's a decision made by the leagues and networks if costs will be waived. As soon as an official decision is made regarding a sports package, Cox will provide communication to all of our customers.

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      Verizon extends data free because people are forced to work from home so they use hotspots more and this was 2 months ago at No Charge.  This is excellent Customer Service.

      Cox is NOT providing a service we paid for, regardless of what the sports owners and leagues do.  This is a Cox Corporate decision so don't try to put this on the leagues.  Give us the refunds and prevent further customer satisfaction from diminishing any more.

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        start your own thread, you're hi-jacking this one.

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    so your tv's don't work with your own equipment??

    refund, if you haven't heard, not much in the way of live sports except recent nascar getting back in to the game.