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5 years ago

Why can't Cox Cable develop an app that allows Dodger Fans to watch Sports Net Dodgers LA and all Dodger Games for a fee?

The whole issue about the blackout of Dodger Games (as well as other teams) in cities that don't even offer cable by a Teams's contracted Service Provider is ridiculous.  In other words, I can understand if I was living in a an area of Los Angeles that offers Spectrum and Dodger Games are blacked out in that area because of the contract with the team.  But if I live in Hawaii and I can't get Spectrum, then why would the team permit the Dodger Games to be blacked out which just punishes fans? 

In In today's world... even channels like LMN, Hallmark and others have apps that allow fans to watch their channel for a fee.  Isn't is possible for Cox to develop such an app with Spectrum that will allow Dodger Fans (who cannot get Spectrum in their area) to pay for and watch Sports Net LA Dodgers?  Is it that difficult to develop a new income stream and make Dodger Fans happy?

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    Hi Beachboy, we appreciate your feedback, and I understand the frustration of not being able to watch your favorite sports teams. Blackout restrictions are at the sole discretion of sports organizations and broadcasters. These restrictions are designed to protect the television rights holder in each participating team's home markets and may be available on that team’s Regional Sports Network or local broadcast channels. Cox has no control over blackout restrictions, and here's some additional information from the MLB website:

    -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator
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    cox does not  make the apps the ontent providers/channel owners do.  it would be up to the dodgers or whoever to provide the app to cox