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5 years ago

Whole Home DVR vs Single DVR on Contour 1

I have Contour 1 with a single room 2 tuner DVR (Cisco 8642HDC) and two Cisco 4742HDC non-DVR boxes. If in the future I wanted a whole home DVR with Contour 1, can this be done with these boxes or does it require the 6 tuner DVR box?

If whole home DVR can be done with these boxes, is there an additional monthly charge above that of the single room DVR fee? I realize the whole home DVR does require a tech install and that there is a one time charge for that, but are there any other monthly fees if the 2 tuner DVR can be used?

I also realize that Cox techs are not doing in home service right now due to Corona, and that therefore this could not be done right now.

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    Contour 1 DVR's are also whole home capable and can be 6 tuner as well. You would just need to add client boxes for the whole home functionality, assuming there are no significant wiring issues the process should be as simple as connecting the additional boxes. Contour 1 boxes do communicate via MoCA so it would not work if you currently have any devices connected that also use this technology. If you're not familiar with MoCA it probably won't be a factor in your situation.

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      OK, but is there usually an extra monthly cost for the 2 tuner DVR I pay for now to be turned into a whole home DVR? (I already have two other non-DVR Contour boxes.) I understand you may not be able to quote me an actual price due to local differences, etc., but as a general rule is there an extra cost for the 2 tuner single room DVR to be set as a whole home DVR with the boxes I already have? (I understand there is a setup fee.)

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        There is no additional cost, it is likely just a matter of adding the networking codes to the account to enable whole home dvr capabilities if you already have the host and client boxes. The experience may not be optimal if you plan to record 2 items at a time though. This would lock up both tuners and you wouldn't be able to watch live TV from the main dvr box when recording 2 programs at once. A 6-tuner box (which does cost slightly more per month) solves these issues.

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