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5 years ago

Who got paid off for this contour junk

The contour remote is clunky and not very user friendly. Really liked the old remote better. Majority of the fluff is not really something most would use. Looking at other options for cutting the cable. 

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    Hi Sloper,

    The remote has a newer version available. You are welcome to see if you like that version. I have included the link to see the remotes. You are also welcome to buy a third-party all in one remote and use that remote but features will be limited.

    Crystal S. Cox Support Forum Moderator
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    The whole Contour thing is a joke! Unreliable as hell! You talk to this thing and it never gets what you're requesting right besides the frequent cable outages that Cox doesn't have the decency to compensate me for. I spent nine hours once without any cable service, ridiculous. One week to go and I can finally dump this crappy over priced cable service. I'll never allow myself to get locked into a two year contract for something I've grown to despise.

  • Boboluv, is there an issue with Contour that you need technical support help with? Please feel free to let us know so we can offer assistance.

    Thank you,

    Mike J.
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