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6 years ago

Which is the host box and which is the guest box?

Forced to get rid of our two contour 1 boxes,  we now have 2 contour 2 boxes.

All of our (family room and liv’g room) favorites and recordings are on both boxes. So I dont know which is which AND more importantly whats the pupose of a host AND a guest box.

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  • The host box would typically be the bigger of the 2 types of boxes with a clock on the front. The recordings are stored on this box and would be accessible by any of the other Contour 2 client boxes in the home.

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      Well in that case we have 2 host boxes.  So why in the heck are my favorites and recordings on the other box and visa versa?????

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        Hi Sethm1, we'd like to take the opportunity to go over your account in greater detail, as well as the receivers that are provisioned on your account. Do you mind forwarding this over to our team? We will need to authenticate you for security purposes. Typically, Contour 2 is a whole-home system; this means that the two boxes communicate with each other. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator