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6 years ago

Which DVR is program stored on? Two Contour 2 DVRs

We have two Contour 2 DVR set top boxes.  One in office and one in family room.  How can I tell which Dvr a program is stored on?

We had a failure of the family room DVR and Cox  replaced it but we lost about 1/3 of the programs that we had saved.  Some of the programs I swear were recorded using the Contour 2 DVR in the office.  Shouldn’t those programs have been stored on the local hard drive in the office?  

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    Hi John, yes, the recording should be stored on the DVR it was recorded on unless it was erased. When the service is installed the receivers are networked. If the program was recorded on the other DVR, before it was replaced you would have the ability to view that recording on another receiver. I hope this helps. -Thanks, Carol