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7 years ago

Where is the option to auto-tune to HD for Contour 2?

 I can't seem to find it Settings section .  Maybe it's somewhere else?  It seems missing now.  It used to have a pop-up saying "auto-tuning to HD ..."

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  • Hi John2222, the Auto-Tune to HD setting on Contour 2 has been renamed to account for 4K resolutions. It is now called "Preferred Best Available Resolution", and the default setting is ON. To access this setting, press the Contour button on the Cox remote control, highlight the Settings gear icon, and press OK. Press the down arrow to highlight Preferences, and then press OK. Use the down arrow to highlight General, and then press OK. Use the down arrow to highlight Preferred Best Available Resolution, and then press OK to turn the feature on or off. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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      Thank you.  So, if I am looking at the Guide channel number and it says 2, then it really is 1002?  And if I look at a channel number that is broadcast only in Standard Def, it seems that Contour is stretching it to look like it is HD--correct?

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        John2222, you will still see channel 2 and channel 1002. This change will make it simpler to scroll through channels and avoid having to go to upper channels for HD. You are able to access their HD programs by tuning to the SD channel version or may continue using the current channels above 1000. Thanks, Lisa - Cox Support Forums Moderator