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4 years ago

Where is Court TV?

We need Court TV on the Cox Lineup! 

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    TruTV replaced Court TV; however, Court TV was relaunch last year as an over-the-air network.  Some streaming services provide it.  Where do you live?

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    I wondered the same thing until I found the answer.  In Phoenix, channel 119 is called Mystery.  It shows the Court TV lineup of shows.  During the shows, the logo "ID" appears in the bottom right of the tv screen..... which is different from channel IDHD which also features crime shows.  The most confusing thing is that the Guide says that 119 is "KASW4" instead of saying ID or Mystery.  And 119 is the only channel which does not appear in the Guide as channel 1119  (CBS appears on channel 5 and on 1005). 

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      Who doesn't like a good mystery!

      1.  Scripps is a media company (Newspapers, TV Stations, Licensing, Syndication)
      2.  Scripps owns Katz Broadcasting
      3.  Katz Broadcasting owns Court TV
      4.  Court TV was re-branded as Court TV Mystery
      5.  Scripps also owns KASW in Phoenix
      6.  KASW broadcasts programs over-the-air
          - UHF 61.1: The CW / ABC
          - UHF 61.2: HSN
          - UHF 61.3: Grit
          - UHF 61.4: Court TV Mystery
      7.  Katz Broadcasting made a cable-TV distribution deal with Cox
      8.  In Phoenix, Cox channel 119 is Katz Broadcasting's Court TV Mystery
      9.  KASW4 means KASW > Virtual Channel 61 > UHF Sub-channel 4 > Court TV Mystery
      10. KASW4 is formatted and broadcasted in Standard Definition (480i)
      11. In Phoenix, Cox hasn't assigned channel 1119
      12. In Phoenix, Cox channels 104 and 1104 are Investigation Discovery HD
      13. The logos "ID" and "IDHD" are the same network
      14. Canada is the only link between Investigation Discovery and Court TV
          - In the 90's, Court TV was available in Canada as an American foreign service
          - In 2001, Court TV-Canada replaced Court TV-America in Canada
          - In 2008, TruTV replaced Court TV-America
          - In 2008, Court TV-Canada continued to brand its programs as "Court TV"
          - In 2010, Investigation Discovery-Canada replaced Court TV-Canada

      Therefore, what you see in Phoenix on Cox channel 119 is the Investigation Discovery-Canada's purchase of Court TV-Canada's program with Court TV-America's branding on Katz Broadcasting's Court TV Mystery channel on it's parent company's TV station.