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6 years ago

When will skipped channels be updated to be intuitive and work?

First off there needs to be a SKIP ALL channels option.  This would save 90 minutes of skipping hundreds of useless channels.

Second, if we enable a channel in the 1000+ range, the low version of the same channel should not get enabled.

Third if we disable a low number channel, and enable the 1000+ range version of the same channel, the 1000+ range version of the channel should not get disabled.

Fourth, there should be some button to save or indication that the changes we made were saved. 

Lastly, the random channels that were skipped, should not mysteriously get unskipped, causing the hours of trying to fix the skipped channels.

The process to get the channels blocked goes like this (time to complete 3-4 hours):

1. Make sure you have a user, the default user seems to lose settings every 3-4 months

2. Set skip on all the channels you don't want to see, Exit

3. Go back and re-skip the channels that failed to be skipped.  Ignoring the low number versions of the channels you want to see.  Exit

4. Repeat step 3 3-10 times until the channels you want to see are in the guide.

5. Go back to skip the low number channels, and hope that they 1000+ range versions don't get skipped. 

6. Repeat steps 3-5 until the guide is what you want to see.

Eventually the guide will appear correctly until there is an update to the guide, then you get to fight with the skipping of the new channels again.  Usually quicker, an hour or so.

The skipped channel system needs significant work.  This is not a user friendly process.  With 2 Contours on different users in the house this is a long frustrating process.

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    I agree that a selection to either skip or set as a favorite one channel should not be replicated for its paired channel.  Trying to set one as skipped or a favorite without the the same selection being applied to its paired channel can be extremely frustrating.

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    Hello, we have a specific department that deals with Contour enhancements, and I have submitted feedback over to their office for review. We value your genuine feedback, and we aim to provide a unique and positive experience for all customers who use our products and services. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator