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When does Cox intend to add the HboMax App to their Contour package.

I subscribed to HBO with the understanding that Cox was going to make the app available on their Contour package.  I have access to HBO Max on all of my devices except the place that I want it, on my TV.

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    The HBO Max app is not available on Contour 2 or Contour Stream Player service. For a complete list of apps available on Contour 2 or Contour Stream Player, refer to About Contour 2 Receiver Apps.
    The HBO Max app is available on most smart devices, personal computers, or Roku services.
    We can submit a request if you like, simply email your full name and address to

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      It would seem that if I am paying Cox for HBO I should get all of the HBO Max programming on the Cox box. A Cox customer representative advised Cox's contract with HBO Max excluded access to certain programing and On Demand features such as episodes. 

      The Cox's subscribers share of the HBO market I am sure is significant. If I am forced to stream to get HBO Max programing I just as well cancel Cox and stream everything. But then again maybe that is the plan.

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        HBO and HBO Max are 2 different services.  HBO is for cable TV and Max is for Internet streaming.  It'd be like if I had the Mini Box and already pay for NBC, Cox should give me Peacock for free.

        I don't know why HBO limits Max to certain devices but if you subscribe to HBO, you'll get Max only on 1 of those certain devices.