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6 years ago

What are the facts regarding Cox possibly dropping some CBS local stations?

Our local CBS station (WPRI, Providence, Rhode Island) has been running a 'thread' at the bottom of the screen during news programs, warning that Cox may be dropping the station as of January 1.

Does anyone know what is the actual, non-hyped situation regarding Cox dropping CBS or its local stations?

Personally, I think it would be a big mistake to drop any of the 'big three' networks or the major cable channels.

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  • Hi Mikejf57,

    I understand you’ve seen messages on WPRI saying you may lose the network, please be assured that our focus is providing you with channels that you love most. Cox has permission to deliver WPRI network through December 31st, 2018 and we’re actively negotiating to keep providing this channel beyond this date. We’re working to resolve the issue as soon as possible with an outcome that’s in the best interest of our customers. Please visit for more information.

    Maria L.
    Cox Support Forum Moderator