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5 years ago

Weather Channel unwatchable due to repetitive warnings out of my area

This has been going on for a while, but really irritating today.  I'm trying to watch coverage on the Weather Channel (channel 55 in Phoenix area) and it is unwatchable due to weather warnings completely out of my area in Tucson announced over and over repeatedly for hours.  I have family in Florida and trying to watch the hurricane coverage and you can't hear the sound because of the incessant voice over of a computer for 4 hours now about weather warnings over a hundred miles away from me.  Some thunderstorm down in Pima county.

I saw this a couple of months ago and thought about writing a note on this forum, but now it is especially annoying when you want to get information and this is the best source.  This is already crawling on the bottom of the screen.  There is no reason to keep the announcement running on audio with the annoying computer voice for HOURS.  Please fix.

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    Hello, I understand this can be quite inconvenient and a headache to have to listen to. I located the feed in your area, and we have determined this issue to not be related to Cox Communications. The audio played on the Weather Channel is up to the discretion of the broadcaster and/or the local governement. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator
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      Thanks for the reply.  Now, there is a mostly continuous air quality advisory running, so can't hear the regular audio feed again.  Are you sure there isn't some type of computer code that you all have that makes this repeat?  The recording ends, then you hear a loud beep and it plays over again, and again.  Do you have any ideas who else to contact about this?  The Weather Channel directly?  What local government?  Someone at Cox has to know how this originates.  There is obviously something wrong as I shouldn't be getting warnings from Tucson when I live in Phoenix.

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        I have the same complaint over misguided programmers not understanding the effects of WARNING FATIGUE from these continuous Alerts. I have called Cox as well as weather channel. No one knows anything about it...Wrong folks on the job again? 

        An occasional warning a couple of times an hour? OK. But these continuous LOOPS running for a Heat warning next Wednesday??? Hire some Engineers and fix it.

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    i contacted the national weather service in phoenix thinking it was their doing....they got back to me this morning letting me know that this is solely on cox and only they can fix it.