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6 years ago

Watch DVR recordings in iPad / Tablet

I just downloaded the Contour App and was shocked that there is not a way to watch shows recorded on my DVR on the device or download shows to watch when offline.  I'm coming from Comcast / Xfinity and they have had this capability for several years - so, this is not a copyright or technology issue.  It is a feature the Cox has choose not to enable and a feature I was promised when I singed up for Cox. 

As you may know, Cox licenses the Contour platform from Comcast and the iPad app is exactly the same, except you can watch and download shows from your DVR to your device.  If you search through the Contour app settings you can even see menu options regarding this technology and a Downloads option from the hamburger button.

From searching this forum, it seems there are many posts regarding this - all of which have been closed.  Is there an update if Cox will enable this feature in the future? 


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  • Hi MLG. We are working on making this feature available but we don't have a release date as of yet. Keep checking the News Section of your bill for upcoming news regarding this. Thanks, Lisa - Cox Support Forums Moderator