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6 years ago

Volume Control Client

In a previous post I described my system where the HDMI output of the client goes directly to a ViewSonic monitor with the audio portion split off and sent to powered speakers. My previous setups (before Contour) allowed the remote to control the volume directly through the Cox box. I cannot seem to fine a way to do this with the Contour Client box since it seems to want to pair either to a TV or to an AV receiver.

Is it possible to control the volume without pairing?

Thank you,

Ken Gash

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    Hi there, during the initial set-up you will be asked if you're using an external audio system so that it can be included; however, the Contour 2 remote doesn't allow controlling the volume without it being paired to its receiver. -Thanks, Carol
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      Thanks for the disappointing answer.

      I pretty much figured out that was the case. Is this something built into the hardware/firmware or can it be flagged as a bug for a number of non-traditional users that can be fixed?

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        This is something that would have to be in the hardware or firmware. These boxes were not intended to have volume control built into them.

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