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6 years ago

TV Shows On Demand

Are all tv shows avaialable on cox on demand?  I can't find The Enemy Within.

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  • IrishCowboy

    I was able to find The Enemy Within on NBC On Demand. If you've got the Contour 2 with the voice control remote you can hold down the microphone button and just say, The Enemy Within and it will pull up all available episodes. If you don't have the voice control remote, you would need to go to TV Networks, look for NBC, then series. That's where you can find it.

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      Thanks, Stephanie  This particular show isn't showing up in the NBC On Demand list at all. Not sure why the pilot shows up if you use voice command, though. I just have Contour 1. Maybe I need to upgrade my receiver to Contour 2.  Thanks for your help, though