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7 months ago

Tv Picture but no sound

Good tv picture on Channels 7, yvazh and 68,fbnhd but NO sound. I have two tv sets both using different control boxes One is a standard cox rental the other the mine box. The problem is the same in both sets? Two phone calls to Cox service and I am told the rental box is old and needs to be replaced. If this is true then why are the two different sets showing the same problem? And, I noted in my records that the rental box was installed at the same time Cox installed the fiberglass cable in my area. Stands to reason that if my rental box is old then the cox interchange between, fiberglass and the coax cable feeding my house must be old? Cox wants to charge me $75.00 to send a tech out to review the problem. The problem must be the fiberglass to coax or my old rental. Both cox equipment. So why the $75.00 charge? I am 95, hate to drive in Tucson. Surly after having been a customer for well over 30 years some consideration might be offered by Cox?

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    Picture but no sound for selected channels can be caused if SAP is ON.   Check that cable box setting and verify it's set to OFF.   Your TV may also have an SAP setting.  A sound issue can also originate from the individual TV channel source.  It could be a signal issue, but signal issues are more likely to affect picture than sound. 

    Cox will charge a fee for a tech visit if no issue is found on their side of the demarcation point (box on side of house where Cox cables connect to your house cables).  If the only issues found are on their side, you won't be charged for the service call. 

  • Hi Yollieaz, I want to apologize for not providing the support you needed when you called us for help. Yes, it's possible that your cable boxes are end of life and need to be replaced. However, this is a separate issue from the audio issue you were calling about. We should have helped you solve the audio problem before moving onto any other topic. Curt's suggestion about checking the SAP setting for the channels missing audio is a good one. Were you able to get the audio working for those specific channels? If we schedule a service call and the problem is diagnosed as the Cox equipment (the cable boxes, for example) or the Cox signal to the cable boxes, you will not be charged for the service call. Please let us know here if you were able to get the audio issue resolved. You can also email for further assistance with the audio issue or any other Cox product or service issues or questions. We're happy to help!