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6 years ago

Tuning Adapter Problems MTR-700

Recently both of my MTR-700 tuning adapters (TA) stopped working and I was not able to tune any of the SDV channels on my Tivo channel adapter DVR's. Both TA's have since been replaced but the problem has not been resolved. The yellow light just continues to blink and all SDV channels cannot be tuned to. The tech's have been out several times and the consensus is that the TA firmware needs to be updated on the TA's but the update is failing due to poor signal and I would need to wait until May to have a new cable pulled through the underground conduit which means I would be unable to fully use my Tivo boxes until then. However the last tech that came out said that the cable from the junction box across the street to the outside of my house was fine and I just needed to get the TA's sent a reset signal which I did but they still do not work. From the diagnostic screens:

Code Modules screen shows Platform version 1.33 which confirms that firmware is too old and must be updated (needs to be at least 1.40)

Downstream Status screen shows that Inband Freq has SNR 0 db Poor which might indicate a poor signal strength but I am not sure

Warning Report screen shows:

03/17/19 21:34:27 SDVComm:

DL: Segment Timeout!

Is there any other solutions I can try?


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  • Hi Ctdba, it's possible that the Tuning Adapters aren't able to complete the boot process--and also the firmware update--due to a signal issue. However, we can certainly send a reset signal to the TAs and see what happens. I suggest that you disconnect the TAs from all cables (USB, coax, and power) and set the TAs up as if for the first time, per the steps in Let us know when those steps are complete so we can send the necessary activation signals. - Becky K. Cox Support Forums Moderator